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Message From the editor

The economic situation in Palestine is dire amid the pandemic. No tourists have entered the country for five months. Businesses are struggling or have closed down. Daily new cases of COVID-19 have been in the hundreds for weeks, as few heed social distancing guidelines or wear masks. We are growing increasingly numb to the numbers. […] more

Can’t Hide the Sun’s Rays with a Sieve

First of all, let me thank those who have supported This Week in Palestine through the newly installed “Donate” button on our website. It has been increasingly difficult to depend on the tourism and cultural sectors that have traditionally been our main source of income. How to support TWiP? Go to, scroll midway down […] more
In the Limelight

The following directory is a highlight of some of the most active cultural centers, hotels, restaurants, and other institutions in Palestine.

This month’s issue Tourism: The Backbone of Palestine’s GDP