Sareyyet Ramallah

First Ramallah Group

Sareyyet Ramallah or First Ramallah Group was established in 1927 as one of the first scout organizations in Palestine. Step by step, its programs and facilities grew until it became a civil-society organization that provides services to all social groups and categories within Palestinian society through its wide range of activities.
Due to its positive impact on many people, coupled with its increasing popularity in Palestine, Sareyyet Ramallah became aware of the need to include sports – basketball and football, in particular – as part of its activities. The aim was and remains to advance and improve the opportunities for children and youth to participate in sports, thus building a generation that boasts a spirit of sportsmanship, is physically fit, and possesses the skills that enable them to compete and represent Sareyyet Ramallah and Palestine. The Sports Department, which includes a large number of competent and experienced youth, organizes and supervises a variety of year-round sports activities for all age groups and genders.
Sareyyet has proudly been at the center of Palestinian sports for years. Its basketball teams include the Excellent Division men’s team which has introduced some of the best players in Palestine and has participated and won many tournaments inside and outside of Palestine, such as the Martyr’s Basketball Championship, which is held in Ramallah, the Palestine Basketball Cup, the Jawwal Basketball League, the Houssam Al Hariri Basketball Championship in Lebanon, and the West Asia Basketball Championship in Jordan and again in Lebanon, and it was the first Palestinian team to participate in the FIBA Asia Champions Cup in China 2017.


In addition, Sareyyet focuses its attention on the Youth Divisions, establishing the boys’ youth basketball teams for U18 players, U16 players, and U14 players, and for girls, the U16 basketball team and First Division Female Basketball Team, which has frequently won many local tournaments, including the Palestine Cup – Female Division, and has participated in the West Asia Basketball Championship – Female Division in Jordan.
Based on its interest in developing women’s sports, Sareyyet Ramallah also established a female football team in 2008. This team is considered one of the most important female football teams in Palestine and has participated in and won many local and international tournaments, including those in Jordan, Norway, and France. The players of this team are considered the best of the best and have been selected to represent Palestine in the National Team. In addition, Sareyyet has established the Nasif Hussari Basketball Academy and The Football Academy for children ages 6–12 to introduce them to the games and to teach them the basics of each sport.
In 1987, Sareyyet Ramallah opened the first swimming pool in Ramallah and has since provided swimming courses for children and adults of both genders as well as lifeguard training.
In addition to teaching the games, Sareyyet also aims to qualify and prepare trainers and technical staff for the various sports. Sareyyet basketball, football, and swim teams are considered some of the best in Palestine, and many highly skilled team players have been selected to participate in the national teams to represent Palestine. Sareyyet Ramallah is an active member of Palestinian sports federations, including the Palestinian Basketball Federation, the Palestinian Football Federation, and the Palestinian Swimming and Aquatic Sports Federation.

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