Exhibition Review | 2


Review date: 01-02-2019

The Intellectual Martyrs of the Palestinian Revolution

Yasser Arafat Museum, Ramallah

The exhibition runs until June 2019


Since the beginning of the Palestinian revolution, many Palestinian intellectuals and academics have joined their fellow nationals in the fight for their cause. The contributions of these courageous individuals in communicating and disseminating the Palestinian narrative in their respective milieus and fields were invaluable and ultimately cost them their lives. Assassination … The Intellectual Martyrs of the Palestinian Revolution is the fifth special six-month-long exhibition presented by Yasser Arafat Museum. The exhibition presents fifteen prominent intellectuals and academics who were assassinated by Israel and its “agents” for their dedication to and great success in publicizing the Palestinian narrative. Whether through their work in diplomacy, politics, the arts, culture, or academia, they played a vital role in building bridges to promote and strengthen Palestinian relations internationally, particularly in Western Europe during the 1970s and 1980s, when the recognition of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people was gaining global momentum.


Fifteen portraits by fifteen artists were commissioned specifically for this exhibition. Personal items of several of the individuals have been loaned to the museum and are on display, and a video in various languages but with the same message is screened. Yasser Arafat Museum dedicates this special exhibition to these valiant martyrs.

Ghassan Fayez Kanafani (1972 in Beirut), portrait by Amjad Ghannam

Wael Adel Zuaiter (1972 in Rome), portrait by Mohammad Khalil

Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Hamshari (1973 in Paris), portrait by Mohammad Joulani

Kamal Boutros Nasser (1973 in West Beirut), portrait by Bashar Alhroub

Hanna Ibrahim Mikhael (1976 en route to Tripoli), portrait by Sohail Salem

Hani Fakhri Jawhariya (1976 in Antoura, Lebanon), portrait by Ahed Izhiman

Izz Al-Din Saeed Al-Qalaq (1978 in Paris), portrait by Mohamed Abusal

Said Adel Hamami (1978 in London), portrait by Bashar Khalaf

Naim Saleem Khader (1981 in Ixelles, Belgium), portrait by Raed Issa

Majed Mohammad Abu Sharar (1981 in Rome), portrait by Dina Matar

Abdul Wahab Saeed Al-Kayali (1981 in Beirut), portrait by Ahmad Canaan

Ali Yousef Foudeh (1982 in Ain El-Mreisse, Lebanon), portrait by Mohammad Al-Hawajri

Issam Salah Al-Sartawi (1983 in Albufeira, Portugal), portrait by Munther Jawabreh

Hanna Eid Moqbel (1984 in Nicosia, Cyprus), portrait by Ibrahim Mozain

Naji Salim Al-Ali (1987 in London), portrait by Fouad Agbaria