Message from the Editor

Remembering the Palestinian diaspora evokes feelings of sadness, pride, and hope. Sadness because the circumstances of their exodus still stir up unhealed trauma and because so many Palestinians are not allowed to return, not even for a visit. Pride because many expatriates have achieved great successes abroad, and hope because both these successes and the continuing connection of many of the foreign-passport-holders-of-Palestinian-lineage with their homeland reflect a great potential and may even carry a promise. These doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians, businesspersons, educators, scientists, and experts in whatever other professions they pursue can be fellow warriors in the fight for justice and human rights, as one author points out. Moreover, they show what Palestinians are capable of once given the freedom to flourish and excel, as another author highlights.
In true TWiP fashion, this issue focuses on the positive aspects. And it is truly international. Authors inform you about the ongoing efforts to conduct a worldwide census of persons with Palestinian heritage, the launching of an international academy of Palestinian scientists, the history of Palestinian emigration and expulsion that has led to success stories worldwide, and the ascension of the Palestinian state to international treaties. You will be introduced in particular to Palestinian expatriate communities in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Greece, and the United States. Thanks go to our authors H.E. Dr. Nabil Shaath, H.E. Dr. Ola Awad, Dr. Abdelhadi Alijla, Cathrine Abuamsha, Ambassador Izzat Abdelhadi, Ambassador Marwan Toubassi, Terry Morris, Diego Khamis, and Ualid Rabah as well as to translator Dr. Hanna Safieh. Last but not least, I wish to give a special Thank You to Xavier Abu Eid who has made several substantial contributions to this issue, including the translation of articles from Spanish.
Enjoy our Limelight section that is particularly rich this month. Our two Personalities of the Month are Basem Hishmeh and Fernando Aguad, Artist of the Month is Wissam Boustany. Visit the Educational Bookstore in Jerusalem and grab a copy of Global Palestine, our Book of the Month, or take a trip to Birzeit University to enjoy Jack Persekian’s Past Tense, our Exhibition of the Month. Where to Go? Take a trip to Jericho and visit the only Palestinian salt factory. Let TWiP Kitchen inspire you to cook the Chilean-Bethlehemite-Palestinian version of maftoul/marmaon that will likely be a favorite with your children or grandchildren, and enjoy the listed events, many of which are child-friendly as well.
From the entire team at TWiP, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and are looking forward to hearing from you via our website or through email. TWiP would feel honored to serve as a medium of communication and information exchange between Palestinians in Palestine and the diaspora.

This month’s issue Tourism: The Backbone of Palestine’s GDP