Message from the Editor

Summer is already in full swing in Palestine, and the heat is certainly making itself felt, through the weather, of course, but also economically and politically.
The content of this July 2019 issue of This Week in Palestine clearly shows that Palestinians are not only aware of the importance of having a “green country and a green economy,” but they are also doing something about it, to the best of their ability. Palestine boasts a huge number of green initiatives that aim to protect the environment and conserve natural energy – from major renewable-energy projects, such as installing thousands of solar panels in Jericho to make use of the year-long sunshine at the lowest point on earth in order to produce solar energy, to projects that treat wastewater on a massive scale in the Gaza Strip, to innovative ventures to recycle electronic hardware. Naturally, these initiatives include efforts to literally green Palestine by planting trees and working hard to protect our nature reserves.
We would like to thank the Please replace the yellow with: UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP) for sponsoring the current July 2019 issue of This Week in Palestine themed Green Palestine. Our gratitude is extended also to every author and institution that has contributed an article to this rich edition.
Our In the Limelight and features sections are brimming with interesting content. Simon Awad, the executive director of the Environmental Education Center in Beit Jala is our personality of the month. Pianist, singer, and composer Faraj Suleiman from the Galilee is our artist in July. Two books are featured this month: Companions in Conflict by Penny Johnson and Bethlehem Record 366 by Khalil Shokeh. Chef Fadi Kattan proposes a recipe for freekeh risotto, and Bassam Almohor suggests that we visit Faqu’a, the village famous for its iris. Morgan Cooper shows us what’s in bloom in July, and Najla Abdellattif shares about a zero-waste lifestyle in Palestine. Finally, our Newly Released section features Acamar, a new album by Madar Ensemble.

We wish you all a pleasant summer.

The TWiP Collective