Maqam En-Nabi Musa


Maqam En-Nabi Musa commands impressive religious, architectural, historical, and social significance. It is located in the middle of Al-Bariyah (the wilderness), a semi-arid region that extends east of Jerusalem, between the city and the Dead Sea.


Under the EU-funded project “Support to Development of Cultural Tourism,” this spectacular monument, with the dome-covered shrine of Prophet Moses, was restored and rehabilitated by UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People, in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, and Jericho Governorate.


The conservation of the historical and spiritual values of the site was coupled with a model of public-private partnership that fosters economic growth in the region.

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We welcome you to experience Maqam En-Nabi Musa as a hostel, after its rehabilitation.

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Photo credits:
Photo 1,2 and 3 UNDP
Photo 4 Palestine Image Bank
Photo 5 by Firas Jarrar