Empowering the Vulnerable

CARE International established a presence in Palestine West Bank/Gaza (WBG) in 1948 in the wake of the Palestinian refugee crisis, providing relief interventions. Over seventy years later, CARE’s scope of work has evolved through support activities that promote stability and economic opportunities and by addressing a range of humanitarian needs.

Realizing that sustainable and durable solutions need to be found, CARE works with and for communities to achieve sustainable development, fighting poverty and ensuring that people live in peace and dignity. Linking humanitarian interventions with long-term development programming creates an enabling environment for generating and sustaining livelihoods for the most vulnerable populations in Palestine West Bank/Gaza, among them women and girls.

Roundtable discussion: CARE and partners have done an assessment of military and civil laws that undermine women’s participation in the security and justice sectors.

In order to form synergies and provide a more sustainable response to crisis situations, CARE Palestine West Bank/Gaza has transitioned from emergency relief response to long-term development programming, creating a protective environment for vulnerable populations in need and enhancing their ability to access and sustain livelihoods in a dignified, safe manner. In close cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders, with whom CARE has formed meaningful partnerships at all levels, CARE provides targeted interventions that utilize its community-based approach via the Humanitarian Protection Program and the Sustainable Development Program, focusing on women and youth economic empowerment and enhancing women’s participation and voice.

Within the Triple Nexus Framework, CARE Palestine WBG’s Program Goals integrate humanitarian protection response and action and access to basic services with economic resilience and women’s participation, leadership, and voice.

Furthermore, we endeavor to expand effective partnerships through strategic engagement with civil society and government actors towards inclusive governance and achieving sustainable impact through a strengthened and capacitated civil society in Palestine West Bank/Gaza.
The values of CARE remain our guide – equality, integrity, transformation, excellence, diversity, and respect for the dignity and worth of every human being, where we affirm the dignity, potential, and contribution of all communities we work with, their partners, donors, and staff.

Campaign to ratify the Family Protection Law.

CARE International seeks a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live in dignity and security. In Palestine West Bank/Gaza, CARE is recognized for its commitment to the humanitarian protection and empowerment of communities, especially women and girls, where rights are secured and human potential fulfilled for all. We work to empower Palestinians, increase their resilience, promote economic empowerment, strengthen women’s participation, leadership, and voice, and achieve social justice.

Article photos courtesy of CARE.