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Message From the editor

More and more governments and human rights defenders are finally raising their voices to condemn the annexation of large parts of so-called Area C, including the Jordan Valley, announced for July 1, 2020. Many opponents in Israel and elsewhere cite its negative effect on Israel’s reputation, its society, or regional peace – rather than the […] more

Biting Our Tongues

As of 3:23 p.m. CEST (Central European Summer Time), on June 26, 2020, the World Health Organization reports a global total of 9,472,473 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 484,236 deaths. Regional distribution of the confirmed cases are as follows: the Americas: 4,709,927; Europe: 2,619,753; Eastern Mediterranean (that’s us!): 987,534; Southeast Asia: 686,192; Africa: 258,752; and the Western Pacific: 210,315. […] more
In the Limelight

The following directory is a highlight of some of the most active cultural centers, hotels, restaurants, and other institutions in Palestine.